Historic Methodist Church/Museum building

The Arlee Jocko Valley Museum is housed in the historic Methodist church, built in 1912.  In its hay day the church was a focal point of the community, drawing people from throughout the valley. The church, now museum, boasts a working antique pedal organ along with a bell tower complete with a working bell that children delight in ringing.  The original wood floors and altar provide a foundation for the preservation of the history of the Jocko Valley and its inhabitants.

Inside the church/ museum, you will find static displays including: Homesteaders photo gallery wall depicting the struggles and triumphs of settling, making a living and raising a family in this beautiful community of Arlee. Artifacts from those time periods are represented.

A collection of photographs of tribal elders and leaders helps illustrate the influence of the Native Americans to this valley. Some of the first powwows in this area are represented in pictures showing the powwow grounds filled with teepees of authentic buckskin. Beaded items are on display illustrating the style and techniques used by the Salish and Kootenai tribes.

The Arlee Jocko Valley Museum has proudly established an outdoor Veterans Memorial honoring our local heroes that gave their lives while in the service of protecting our beloved country. The Jocko Canyon and fields of green pastures serve as a backdrop for the American Flag waving over the granite stone, memorializing these local heroes. A brick walkway surrounds the display filled with memorial bricks of loved ones. Inside the museum our local Veterans are honored with displays of photographs, stories and artifacts from WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and the Korean Wars.

The history of education in Arlee is celebrated with historic photos of the growth and advancement of education in the valley, starting with the one room school house up valley creek, to the school burning and rebuilding in the 60s. Periodically displays will pay tribute to the accomplishments of our young people.

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