Mission Valley Montana Museums

Mission Valley Montana MuseumsMission Valley Montana Museums is a group of museums on the Flathead Indian Reservation. It is home to three Indian tribes, the Bitterroot Salish, Upper Pend d’Oreille, and the Kootenai.  The territories of these three tribes covered all of western Montana. They also extended into parts of Idaho, British Columbia and Wyoming. The Hellgate Treaty of 1855 established the Flathead Reservation. Over half a million acres passed out of Tribal ownership during land allotment and homesteading that began in 1904.  There are many culturally historical sites in Mission Valley Montana

All of the Mission Valley Montana museums hold artifacts of the rich tribal history. Walk in the footsteps of tribal ancestors who still consider this stunning landscape their homeland, the only remaining place where they can still practice their tribal lifestyles. There are many kid friendly activities waiting for you and your family.

Mission Valley Montana MuseumsThe Reservation includes a portion of the Rocky Mountains. The southern half of Flathead Lake boasts an extensive river corridor, forests, and wide variety of wildlife, fish and bird species.

The Mission Valley Montana Museums and historic sites offer you an opportunity to experience the lives of tribes and settlers. Walking alongside them in this agriculturally rich community that’s also flush with wildlife and pristine forests.  The Mission and Jocko Valleys have the authentic experience for everyone. Enjoy some Family Fun in the Mission Valley

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The Mission Valley Museums.