Historic Fort ConnahThe Fort Connah Historical Site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Fort Connah was a Hudson’s Bay Trading Post established in 1846. One of the three original buildings still remains and is believed to be the oldest standing building in Montana. The fort was active from 1846 to 1871.

Another cabin has been moved onto the property and renovated for administrative purposes, historical artifacts and displays. An 1870s log cabin-building has also been moved to Fort Connah for renovation. These two cabins and the original building will replicate the buildings that once made-up the original trading post.

In 2006, the Fort Connah Restoration Society was gifted three old trapper cabins. They were built in the 1860’s-70s. They had been located along the Flathead river near Dixon and were donated to the FCR Society by Rose Bailey. Two of these buildings have been relocated to the Fort Connah Historical Site and are being refurbished to somewhat replicate the buildings that were originally built on that site. The third building is being used as a museum- type display of an old trapper’s cabin and headquarters for public events promoting the history of the Fort Connah site.

Historic Fort Connah
Preparing for opening ceremony for Annual Rendezvous Festival. Second week of July 2020.

An Annual Rendezvous at The Fort Connah Historical Site happens the third weekend in June every year. A black powder shooting range is now complete and ready for use.

7 Miles north of St. Ignatius at Historical Marker A, Highway 93.  Constructed in 1847, the last Hudson’s Bay Trading Post built in the USA.  Bi-Annual Rendezvous Days put on by Fort Connah Restoration Society.

Tours by Appointment Only.
Telephone: 406-644-2882
Website: http://www.fortconnah.org

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