There are many cultural sites in the Montana’s Mission Valley. Let’s begin with, the St. Ignatius Mission Church.

Visions came in the late 1700’s to Chief Shining Shirt of the Pend d’Oreille tribe in Mission Valley, Montana, that one day men would come in black robes and teach important new truths about religion. Some years later Catholic Iroquois spread throughout the West working as canoe men for the Hudson’s Bay Company. They too spoke of a new religion and of men in black robes who carried a crucifix and said a great prayer.

Cultural Sites in Mission Valley Montana

Fathers De Smet, S.J. and Adrian Hoecken, S.J. founded the St. Ignatius Mission Parish in 1845. Along the Washington/Idaho border and moved to our present location in 1854. The Mission, and the town which grew up around it, were the home to the first Jesuit theologate and industrial arts school in Montana, the home to the first Catholic Sisters, (1864), first Catholic school, and hospital in Montana. St. Ignatius Mission is the oldest continually active Catholic parish, in the Jesuit tradition, in the West.

Similarly to the Mission Church, another cultural site in the Mission Valley is the Fort Connah Historical Site.

The Fort Connah Cultural Site.

Historic Fort ConnahThis cultural site of Fort Connah is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Fort Connah was a Hudson’s Bay Trading Post established in 1846.   The fort was active from 1846 to 1871.

Renovation has begun on a 1870s log cabin-building that was moved to Fort Connah for that purpose. These two cabins and the original building will replicate the buildings that once made-up the original trading post.

Seems like there are many cultural sites for you and your family to enjoy in the Mission Valley.

Cultural Sites in Mission Valley Montana

Another Cultural Site in Mission Valley Montana is the  Four Winds Indian Trading Post

To begin with, the Four Winds Indian Trading Post is the longest operating trading post, as well as the oldest trading post in Montana! A visit to our old-time store is a trip back in history. Beads, face paint, deer & moose hides, & dance bells are among the authentic goods found at Four Winds.  Duncan McDonald built the original log store in 1870 .  Preston Miller moved it to it’s present location almost 40 years ago from nearby Ravalli.  Find old & new books here about local Indian history as well as about Duncan & his father, Angus, famous local Hudson’s Bay trader who built nearby Fort Connah.

While visiting the Mission Valley be sure to visit the tribal affiliated Cultural Site in Pablo. The People’s Center is another good place to visit. This tribal cultural site exists on the Flathead Nation to provide public education on aspects of traditional lifestyles and histories of the Salish, Pend d’Oreille and Kootenai people.

Throughout the year the Education Program offers demonstrations and history on traditional and contemporary life-ways. Providing gatherings, temporary displays, history presentations and the continued practicing of traditional events. Tribal elders guide The People’s Center insuring the perpetuation of their tribal culture.

In conclusion, there are many cultural sites in Mission Valley Montana. Other cultural sites include Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana located outside of Ronan , The Miracle of America Museum and Polson Flathead Lake Museum, both located in Polson Montana.